Where are the local Embassies and Consulates?
Burundi (Cell) 0812-341777 1007 Lugalo Rd
Canada (Phone) 112831 38 Milambo St
France (Phone) 666021 Bagamoyo Rd
Germany (Phone) 117409 NIC Bldg, Samora Ave
Italy (Phone) 115935 316 Lugalo Rd
Kenya (Phone) 112955 NIC Bldg, Samora Ave
Malawi (Phone) 113240 NIC Life House, Sokoine Drive
Mozambique (Phone) 116502 25 Garden St
Netherlands (Phone) 118593 ATC House, Garden and Ohio Sts
Rwanda (Phone) 130119 32 Ali Hassan Mwinyi Rd
Uganda (Phone) 117646 TTCL House, Samora Ave
UK (Phone) 112953 Samora Ave
USA (Phone) 666010 140 Msese Rd
Zambia (Phone) 118481 corner of Garden and Ohio Sts
Visas and Documents

Three-month visas are easily acquired as all major borders and at the international at Dar es Salaam, Killimanjaro (between Arusha and Moshi) and Zanzibar Island. Visa costs range from $20-$50 USD, depending on nationality , but citizens of the Republic of Ireland, and some countries in the Commonwealth and Scandinavia, can obtain a three-month visa for free upon arrival. Three-month visa can also be obtained from any Tanzanian embassy, high commission or consulate. Visa are often marked ‘multiple entry’, which entitles you to unlimited entries (for the length of your visa) to Tanzania from Uganda and Kenya

Visa Extensions

Because visas are valid for three months, extensions are rarely required, but they are available at immigration offices in any of Tanzania’s major towns and cities. No fees or photos are required, and applications are often processed on the same day.

Visa for Onward Travel

Dar es Salaam is a good place to stock up on visa for Francophone countries (eg. Central African Republic, Chad); because there are few of these embassies in Dar, but most visas can be obtained from the French embassy. The following visas can easily be picked up in Dar. Contact details are listed above.


One-month visas cost $40 USD, require 2 photographs and are issued within 24 hours, Open from 9am to 3pm.


One-month visas cost up to $40 USD (payable in local currency), require 2 photographs and are issued within 24 hours. However its easier to obtain a visa (often for free) at a Kenyan border or international airport. Open from 9am to 2:30pm weekdays.


Citizens of the USA, UK and Germany do not require visas. For other nationalities, visas cost $40 USD, require 2 photographs and are issued within 24 hours. Open from 8am to noon and 2 to 5pm weekdays.


One-month visas cost USD 30, require two photographs and are usually ready within two days. Open from 8:30 am to 4:30 pm