Accommodations at Ngorongoro Crater and surrounding area

Ngorongoro Crater Lodge

One of the most romantic options, with an inspirational and stylish design. The lodge is divided into three distinct ‘camps’, to ensure the utmost in personal service; retire to your own sitting room for cocktails among the branches of an ancient baobab, bathe with awesome views and dine under the stars – by the light of flaming braziers.

Ngorongoro Sopa Lodge

a lavishly decorated but older establishment on the Eastern aspect of the Crater. The Sopa has a more unusual stylistic expression that apparently dates from the late eighties, but remains evidently nostalgic to the previous decade. The lodge is based around an impressive glass-fronted central atrium overlooking the swimming pool.

Ngorongoro Serena Lodge

An impressive rocky bastion against the cool highland mists and excellent cosy rooms with full sliding-glass panels between bed and the open jaw of the crater. Rooms are laid out in two levels in long lines along the crater rim, making it feel much bigger than the other Tanzanian Serena properties, but the whole is well decorated with hand-painted ‘cave’-style illustrations and styled throughout to create a good atmosphere.

Gibbs Farm

Gibb’s Farm is a remarkable hideaway between National Parks and conservation areas, a surprisingly English country garden tucked high on a wide African hillside between fields of maize, beans and coffee. A series of bungalow rooms under trailing flower laden eaves set around the old colonial farmhouse. The surrounding gardens continue to remain in a pristine condition.